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Tan Dun: “Very musical, a talented violinist and composer"

Shawn smiling with Violin

Shawn Patrick Moore is a musician, actor and cultural entrepreneur. He appears regularly on stages across China, including solo appearances, and festivals such as the Bard Music Festival and Tan Dun's “Yin Yao” Music Festival. His musical style traverses classical, folk, and electronic. He has collaborated with globally known artists such as Tan Dun, Joan Tower and Natalie Merchant in his pursuit of musical diversity. His 2022 album, "Violin Atlas," leads listeners from Bach's classics, to Beethoven's romanticism, and ends with jazz-style free improvisation and original contemporary music.. Recent composition work includes original music for the 2023-24 Chinese language stage production of "The Shawshank Redemption" 



The Berkshire Review describes American violinist Shawn Moore as possessing “a very appealing directness in his approach. Apart from his impressive technical ability, there is not a trace of affectation in his playing…he tackles showy passages with an understated confidence as if they are just music.”

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