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Tan Dun: “Very musical, technically brilliant!


As a solo artist, Shawn makes regular recital appearances at stages across China, and frequently performs at festivals in China and the US, including the Geneva Music Festival, the Bard Music Festival, and Tan Dun’s “Yin Yao” festival in Qingdao. Comfortable with a diverse variety of musical styles, from classical to folk and electronic music, Shawn has collaborated with a variety of artists, from composers Tan Dun and Joan Tower to folk singer Natalie Merchant, electronic musician DJ Spooky and many others. 



The Berkshire Review describes American violinist Shawn Moore as possessing “a very appealing directness in his approach. Apart from his impressive technical ability, there is not a trace of affectation in his playing…he tackles showy passages with an understated confidence as if they are just music.”

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